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Monday, November 23, 2009


Always leader in medical innovations, England (Department of Health Conference), exposes this week a series of technological breakthroughs, summoning 151 related disciplines. According to David Anstee (NHS Blood and Transplant Service), british labs using stem cells from umbilical cord, discarded embryos and of miscarried fetuses of up to 14 days, will produce red blood cells genetically programmed to produce blood O-Rh negative, tolerated by anyone, of special utility in wounded soldiers and others.

Robert Brown, has developed a process that produces body tissues extracting water of the human collagen, a protein that constitutes 25% of the corporal weight. Skin, bone, cartilage and ligaments, are all constituted by connective tissue or layers of collagen, that wear away as we age. British laboratories seek to manufacture enough body tissues cheap, of good quality and personalized, to treat scars, to manufacture new skin new, new bones, neural implants and cartilages, revolutionizing the reconstructive surgery and simplifying medical methods. Automation Partnership, manufactures already machines that produces perfect skins in minutes. Renovo Ltd, develops drugs (Juvista) that improve the appearance of scars. The natural protein TGF beta3, that gives better appearance to varicose scars, also improve the color, texture and general appearance of wounds with only 2 injections applied in the border of the wound, hours after having carried out the surgery, preventing also that internal scars cause sterility when narrowing the light of Fallopian tubes.


Siempre líder en innovaciones medicas, Inglaterra (Department of Health Conference), expone esta semana una serie de breakthroughs tecnológicos, convocando 151 disciplinas relacionadas. Según David Anstee (NHS Blood and Transplant Service), laboratorios ingleses empleando celulas madre de cordon umbilical, de embriones descartados y de fetos abortados de hasta 14 dias, produciran globulos rojos genéticamente programados para producir sangre O-Rh negativa, tolerados por cualquiera, de especial utilidad en soldados heridos y otros.

Robert Brown, ha desarrollado un proceso que produce tejido corporal extrayendo agua del colageno humano, una proteina que constituye el 25% del peso corporal. Piel, hueso, cartílago y ligamentos, constituidos todos por tejido conectivo o capas de colágeno, se desgastan a medida que envejecemos. Los laboratorios ingleses pretenden manufacturar suficiente tejido corporal barato, de buena calidad y personalizado, para tratar cicatrices, fabricar piel nueva, nuevos huesos, implantes neurales y cartílagos, revolucionado la cirugía reconstructiva y simplificando metodos médicos. Automation Partnership, fabrica ya maquinas generadoras de tejidos produciendo pieles perfectas en minutos. Renovo Ltd, desarrolla drogas (Juvista), que mejoran la apariencia de las cicatrices. La proteína natural TGF beta3 que da mejor apariencia a cicatrices varicosas, mejorando también el color, la textura y la apariencia general de heridas con solo 2 inyecciones aplicadas en el borde de las heridas horas despues de realizada la cirugía, impidiendo asimismo que cicatrices internas causen esterilidad al estrechar la luz de las trompas de Falopio.


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