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Friday, September 08, 2006

Nanobiotechnology, alive.

Courtesy: Video: Thinking big in a nano world. Courtesy :Youtube.

In commendable form, Dr. Modesto Montoya, continuous with its untiring work of promotion of science and technology, far away of classrooms and academic institutions. He continuous popularizing scientific workshops for children and meetings of Peruvian investigators -coming of the entire world- congregating them each year, in the Encuentro Cientifico International (ECI-Peru). As it were not enough, lately he has begun to promote the organization of science´s festivals, open to the people in general. Nothing that to see with the organization of festivals of science in developed countries, for the moment. Nevertheless, what is important, is to have begun. Talking about festivals, we inform us for the BBC, of science festivals (music/mathematic, exhibition of ducks of 4 legs, brain of plastocaine, chatbots, diet and cancer, interviews to scientifics, virtual humans, people inhabiting in bubbles, science and religion, etc), in Norfolk and Orwich/England.

In Norwich (02-09/Sept. : British Association Science Festival), the indisputable star of the event, is nanotechnology (manipulation to molecular scale: billionesime of meter), a branch of technology from which large innovations are expected (sensors, diagnostic medical methods but eficients and fast, nano-machines that transport medicines to specific places, intelligent clothes, sunlight become electricity by means of photovoltaic devices, unbreakable windows, supermemories, suits anticorrosion, nanoceramic light and ultraresistent, nanoelectrodes for implants of retina, cochlea, nerves, new material, production of compounds with nanotubes, etc). In Norwich, continental maps are exhibited (10-20 nanometers), shields of institutions, triangles, stars of 5 tips, hexagons, elaborate with segments of fluorescent DNA. Anyone can see them employing Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy, generator of nanoimages mercy continuous change of current, induced with the application of a small voltage to cell’surface. With this device, one expects to observe virus entering to the interior of cells, surface cell proteins and movements of stimulated cell wall, channels of ions and the instalation of molecules in specific areas of cell surface. In short, a nanobiotechnology emerging, in movement. Contraryly to pessimistic thoughts, many scientifics of today do not expect autoreplicants nanomachines, devastating and destroying the world ("grey goo"). On the other side, the nature always was busy devising bionanotechnology forms: nanohairs in legs of lizards, useful to adhere them to glasses and walls, up the legs or, serving as reservoir to harmful nanoparticles (diesel, in the environment).
Bionanotecnologia. viva.

En forma loable, el Dr. Modesto Montoya, continua con su infatigable labor de fomento de la ciencia y tecnologia, mas allá de las aulas e instituciones académicas formales. Continua popularizando talleres cientificos para niños y reuniones de investigadores peruanos -procedentes de todo el mundo- congregándolos cada año, en el Encuentro Cientifico Internacional (ECI-Peru). Por si fuera poco, ultimamente, ha empezado a fomentar la organización de festivales de la ciencia, abiertos al publico en general. Nada que ver con la organización de festivales de la ciencia en paises desarrollados, por el momento. No obstante, lo importante, es haber empezado. A propósito de festivales, nos enteramos por la BBC, de la organización de festivales de ciencia (musica matemática, exhibición de patos de 4 patas, cerebro de plastocaina, chatbots, dieta y cancer, entrevistas a cientificos, humanos virtuales, gente habitando en burbujas, ciencia y religion, etc), en Norfolk y Orwich/Inglaterra.
Nanobioctenologia, en vivo.

En Norwich (02-09/Setiembre: British Association Science Festival), la estrella indiscutible del festival, es la nanotecnologia (manipulación a escala molecular : billonesima de metro), una rama de la que se esperan grandes innovaciones (sensores, metodos diagnósticos médicos mas eficentes y rapidos, nano-maquinas que transportan medicamentos a lugares especificos, ropa inteligente, luz solar convertida en electricidad mediante dispositivos fotovoltaicos, ventanas irrompibles, supermemorias, trajes anticorrosion, nanoceramica ligera y ultraresistente, nanoelectrodos para implantes de retina, coclea, nervios, nuevos materiales, produccion de compuestos con nanotubos, etc). En Norwich, se exhiben mapas continentales (10-20 nanometros), escudos de armas, triangulos, estrellas de 5 puntas, hexagonos, elaborados con segmentos de DNA fluorescente. Para verlos hay que emplear el Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy, generador de nanoimagenes merced a cambios de la corriente, inducidos con la aplicación de un pequeño voltaje a la superficie celular. Con este dispositivo, se espera observar virus ingresando al interior de las células, proteinas superficiales celulares y movimientos de paredes celulares estimuladas, canales de iones y la instalacion precisa de moleculas en la superficie celular. En suma, una nanobiotecnologia emergente, en movimiento. Contrariamente a pensamientos pesimistas, muchos cientificos de hoy no esperan autoreplicaciones de nanomaquinas, arrasando y destruyendo al mundo (“grey goo”). Por lo demas, la naturaleza siempre está ocupada elaborando bionanotecnologia : nanopelos en patas de lagartijas, utiles para adherirlas a vidrios y paredes, patas arriba o, sirviendo de reservorio a nanoparticulas nocivas (diesel, en el medio ambiente).


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