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Saturday, August 25, 2007


In conversations maintained with older, healthful men of 80 years but, as opposed to the question if they continue sexually active (normal coitus, oral sex or others, in the last 12 months), always we have received an affirmative answer, although as it is obvious with diminished monthly frequencies. Others, with limitations of health, argue that in spite of the handicap, desire never dies. It is well known the history of an illustrious greek, that on the brink of 90 years and fragile health said : “Finally, I have gotten rid of this tyranny”. At the present time some older people continue sexually active with certain aids (Viagra and women for older men. For the women: young men, vaginal lubricants and feminine hormones of vegetal origin) and exotic products that folk people advocates and history registers.

Tessler Lindau et al, after studying (by means of questionnaires, biometric evaluations and auxiliary tests), the activity, conduct and sexual problems of 3005 American adults (men and women of 57-85 years), reports in NEJM, that 26% of men of 85 years stay sexually active, being their greater limitant factors : bad health (urogenital infections, diabetes, cancer) and difficulties in the erection. A 73% of people (men and women between 57-64 years), declared to stay sexually active, like the 53% of people between 65-74, years. For women was difficult to maintain a continuous sexual pair until advanced age. The main problems of women are: diminished desire (43%), lack of vaginal lubrication (39%), absence of climax (34%), depression, social isolation, ingested medicines, etc. Very few people trusted their doctors, their sexual difficulties. Men and women with good health were but the active ones sexually and vice versa. Masturbation is practiced until advanced ages.



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