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Friday, February 12, 2010


The 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Popular China Republic, prompted in October of the 2009, the realization of a military parade, in which were exhibited ultramodern combat airplanes, intercontinental missiles, submarines, drones without pilot, antisatellital weapons, carriers aircrafts equal or superiors to american military weapons. China has 2.3 million active soldiers, 6700 tanks, 7400 artillery systems, 2,300 combat airplanes, 75 big warships, 6 nuclear submarines, 140 operative nuclear weapons, interconnected by means of sophisticated communication nets. To many observers such armament would have as goal to recover Taiwan, the renegade island allied of USA and to be ready before an eventual military confrontation with USA. The powerful Chinese intercontinental missile : DF-21 equipped with warheads, able to reach 2000 miles in less than 12 minutes and to demolish from the sea enemy carriers airplanes maintains in keels to the American Navy.

What was shown perhaps would be alone the tip of the iceberg because Chinese economic investment in armaments is incessant. In the 2008 China invested 150 billions american dollars and the 2009 70 billions dollars in military adquisitions. Mention separated deserves the investment in strategic and space capacities. Although the military distance among USA and China is even wide, it is clear that China is coming closer. In the last years China has rushed but missiles and vehicles to the space that all Europe. Also it has destroyed by means of precise missiles their obsolete space weather satellites. Having acquired China a superpower status, it is clear that we attend a new type of Cold War.


El 60 aniversario de la fundación de la República Popular China, motivo en Octubre del 2009, la realización de una parada militar, en la que fueron exhibidos ultramodernos aviones de combate, misiles intercontinentales, submarinos, dronas sin piloto, armas antisatelites, aviones propios de suministro continuo iguales o superiores a los americanos. China cuenta con 2.3 millones de soldados activos, 6700 tanques, 7400 sistemas de artilleria, 2,300 aviones de combate, 75 grandes naves de guerra, 6 submarinos nucleares, 140 armas nucleares operativas, interconectadas mediante sofisticadas redes de comunicacion. Al parecer tal armamento tendría como meta recuperar Taiwan, la isla renegada aliada de USA y estar lista para una eventual confrontación militar con USA. Por de pronto el poderoso misil intercontinental chino :DF-21 equipado con cabezas nucleares, capaz de alcanzar 2000 millas en menos de 12 minutos y derribar desde el mar aviones enemigos de suministro continuo, mantiene en zozobra a la Marina Americana.

Lo mostrado en la parada tal vez solo sea la punta del iceberg porque la inversion económica china en armamentos es incesante. El 2008 China gasto 150 billones de dolares americanos y el 2009 70 billones de dólares. Mencion aparte merece la inversión en capacidades estratégicas y espaciales. Aunque la distancia militar entre USA y China aun es amplia, es claro que esta ultima china se acerca a pasos rapidos. En los últimos años China ha lanzado mas misiles y vehículos al espacio que toda Europa. Asimismo ha destruido mediante certeros misiles sus satélites climaticos espaciales obsoletos. Habiendo adquirido China el status de superpotencia, es claro que asistimos a un nuevo tipo de Guerra Fria.



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