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Wednesday, August 26, 2020



Jacobo Grinberg Zylberbaum (1946- 1994?), was a neurophysiologist with Jewish roots, born in Mexico, where he was professor of Neurophysiology at the National University of Mexico (UNAM) in which, he had contact with Mexican shamans, especially those from Sonora (Llaquis) and with a Mexican woman: Pachita (Bárbara Guerrero, a  psychic surgeon), to whom he dedicate a book (Los Shamanes de México. Pachita. A truthful testimony of the mind over the body. Ed. Heptada, Madrid, 1990), for allowing him to participate in her healing practices from which, due to the extraordinary scenes he saw, he deduced the participation in them of  a neural plane (of the Mexican shaman), on human matter and the underlying space. When Grinberg describes the surgical practices performed by Pachita as amazing, for making them appear out of nowhere: diseased kidneys that were  replaced with healthy ones in seconds, or  damaged cerebral cortices that in seconds were replaced by  healthy cerebral cortices that also appeared instantly out of nowhere, leaving in the end the affected patients :healthy. After analyzing the scientific bases of Pachita's psychic surgeries, Grinberg imitated her procedures for a year, concluding that Pachita's healing ability was the result of the interaction of two realities: a functioning neural field around the shamans' brains  and an environmental spatio-temporal network (Grinberg-Zylberbaum, J. (1997). Ideas About a New Psychophysiology of Consciousness: The Syntergic Theory. The Journal of Mind and Behavior, 18 (4), 443-458. Retrieved August 26, 2020, from After revisiting these sessions, Grinberg gave a rational explanation to what he  observed, creating the Syntergic Theory, where he proposed the existence of a continuum of spatial energy of which the common human only perceives a portion from  a basic spatial organization (matrix, lattice), on which the neural plane of the shaman would act, producing physical alterations of this space initially detected in the real world as elementary particles and as  complex distortions (visual, auditory perceptual realities, objects, creation of experience, etc.): with field neuronal interactions  with levels  of the lattice, in which each floor represents a different level of consciousness (auditory, visual), with the sum of activities at the highest  level, contradicting the current concepts of reality, envisioning the tremendous capacity of the human brain as a continuum facilitated by Taoist meditation by enhancing all  of our physiological systems, being the initiate  able to observe even his own brain activity (dipasha technique), visualizing  diseased tissues calmly (brain waves at 10 cycles per second), promising the synergistic theory to be the theoretical framework for the functioning of consciousness and his levels, explaining the creation of perception.Suddenly Jacobo dissapeared in  1994.



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