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Friday, November 25, 2005

Anethic science

In a previous article, we set our ethics position around obtaining cells stem (CS), for end of cloning or tissue reproduction, disputing that they acquired from human embryos, infringed the ethics norms, as in the meantime these products, obtained from random genetic crossing, were unique and unrepeatable constructions. Each time that an investigator obtains CS, of the solid internal bulk of an early human embryo, destroying the remainder of the blastocist, is murdering to potential Einteins, Gandhis, Mothers Teresas, Da Vincis, Galileos, etc. We prefer to work with CS, obtained of alternate sources: replication of CS, obtained from one blastomere eradicated of a human blastocist–leaving to continue the remainders 7, its natural course, CS of nuclei of skin cells, CS of bone marrow, etc.

Now it so happens that Woo Suk Hwang, the south korean veterinary that cloned human beings with success (to which permitted to progress alone to a specific number of cells) and does the same with the dog Snupy, resulted to be a liar. Although now, Woo Suk, recognizes he employed human embryos generated from ovums donated by young researchers to its charge (some of which would have been coertioned and/or received strong sums of money), he had denied all previous things to the magazine Nature, in 2004. Yesterday, an it dismayed Woo Suk, after apologizing to all the world, resigned to all his main academic positions in Korea. “…The desire to emphasize and to gain pre-eminence carried me to lie…”. A little humility, in mouth of someone to whom will be very dificcult to believe, from now on.


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