Monday, September 11, 2006

Atlantis anf future spatial cities.

After orbiting 2 days, around the Earth - on Sunday morning - they were able to be coupled, the space shuttle Atlantis to a specific bay of the International Space Station: ISS (that surrounds our planet, since 8 years), grace to the employment of robotic arms of Canadian manufacture. What importance has this technological achievement? Let us see: 1) the take off and return of the space shuttles is far away of being perfect. The intense heat associated to the launching and the imperfection of some of the materials employed in its construction, they even generate problems. In February of the 2003, the space shuttle Columbia exploded during its return to the Earth (killing 7 astronauts), due to penetration of hot gases in its interior (through holes - not repaired - generated during the initial take off), because of the impact of removed foam blocks from external fuel tanks, against one of its wings. This time, Atlantis hardly bends in one of the ports of the ISS, a series of taken images of its belly were transmitted from ISS, toward the Earth, so that they are examined by engineers of NASA, looking for breaks.

2) The employment of robotic arms, instead of astronauts, to transport solar heavy panels to the interior of ISS, is the prelude of a growing automation that will avoid unwanted human deaths 3) the solar panels will be good to generate electricity in the station, transforming the ISS, little by little from a lab to a true spatial city prelude of others that furrowed the interstellar space 4) Such are the perspectives and securities that in October, the Russian will couple to the ISS, a bubble that will transport 2 astronauts and the first international tourist 5) Case of settling similar stations in the Moon, Mars, Titan, etc., then already we could speak of the installation (like GPS), of interplanetary satellital systems (ISS), that would allow us to observe storms, climatic changes, eruption of volcanos, structures and changes of atmospheres, winds of many planets 6) the fine modulation of spatial shipment transportation - carried out for human - by means of the called space walks.

Versión en español. Victor Mechan Mendez, diserta sobre el transbordador espacial Atlantis y las ciudades del futuro. Escuche, cortesia


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