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Saturday, July 14, 2007


What foretells the recovering of complete congealed mammoths (1997/Taimir/Siberia, 2007/Yamal/Siberia and others) -announced officially- although it is anticipated that exist many more?. With complete certainty, the return of mammoths to life (more soon than the anticipated thing) and the development of a renewed Jurassic Park. Previously, Japanese scientists obtained newborn mice with sperm maintained congealed during 15 years. Recently a human girl was conceived, from a non-fertilized ovum maintained congealed during 6 months. With greater reason in the case of the baby mammoth (10 000 years, conserved in the Siberian permafrost), recently discovered in the peninsule of Yamal/Siberia/Russia, that according to Alexei Tikhonov, shines perfectly preserved (with exception of its tail). Larry Agenbroad, Director of the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs Research Centre in South Dakota, U.S., says that the important thing now, is: I) To insert sperm coming from prehistoric congealed mammoths, in ova of asian or African elephants, generating an hybrid, being expected that later copulation between hybrids and present elephants generates a mammoth at some time. On the matter, an article published in Plos gave account that mammoths are genetically but related (according to mitochondrial DNA), to Asian elephant than to African. These 3 species would descend of a common ancestor from which they began to be different, 6 million years ago (Michael Hofreiter/Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology/Leipzig/Germany). However, Hendrik Poinar of the McMaster University/Ontario/Canada and colleagues who examined part of the nuclear DNA of the jaw of another Siberian mammoth, assure that these, are but related genetically (98.5%), with African elephants than with Asians, adding that which determines the physiology and the appearance of an organism are located in the nucleus and not in mitochondrias. II) The second objective (now within reach) is to insert the nucleus of a somatic cell of a mammoth into an enucleated ova coming from a African or Asian elephant (clonation). The greater difficulty to clonate dinosaurs :to have full genomes, does not exist in the case of mammmoths, reason why it is hoped to attend in the course of the following 2 years to the birth of the first cloned mammoth.

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