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Sunday, July 08, 2007


The small zebroid :Eclyse (zebra mule, crossing of a Shetland brown-white horse with a female zebra (Equus burcelli) coming from a German safaripark (Westphalia), is one of those cases where birth questions to that recommended by nature. It is known about some few zebroids gestated at natural, in the grasslands of Mount Kenya, with the purpose of obtaining supposedly resistant crossings to the illness transmitted by the fly Tse Tse. For it, it is suspected that the crossing that originated Eclyse finds been achieved in fact by means of artificial insemination. Although in general most of hybrid males, exhibit weakness and lower weight and size, Eclyse (1 year old), shines well. Although one doesn't know well it, it seems that hybrid females harbor genes but compatible among them. It is also known that because of a problem in their seminal glands, all hybrid males are sterile. Now that a pony is looked for to cross it with Eclyse, suits to remember the reasons for which this enterprise could require long time: a) horses possess 64 chromosomes and zebras: 62 (some zebras has 44). b) during the fertilization, the genetic mixtures of both parents, produce sterile ova. Alone some few ova (with genetic recombination, at random), formed with exclusively inherited DNA from the zebroid or from the male pony, are fertile and able of being fecundated.
One understand then that the percentage of fertile ova is extremely low and that an alternating form, of reproducing zebroids exist : clonation (Already achieved in mules, like part of the Project Idaho/2003). If in one of the few fertile ovulatións the zebroid is covered by a horse, a pony will be born and if she is covered by a male zebra a zebra he will be born. Cases are not known in that a zebroid gave birth to a hybrid one similar to her. And, when the zebroid gestates, it is difficult that she take to term the gestation, being born a weak and feeble breeding, in general. Some believe that in these cases, the product, is born with reduced telómeres condition of premature aging. The case remembers to male Rama (crossing of camel sperm with llama ova), gestated after 1 year, by means of assisted fertilization. Llama shows mixed characteristics : llama body and camel face, lack hump and he doesn't spit. The parents of Rama are a female llama of 75 kilos and a male camel of 450. The other case corresponds to the mules (hybrid sterile resultants of crossing a mare : female horse with male donkeys) and to burdéganos (male horse with female ass).


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