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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dickson Despommier, a public health professor (Columbia University), intended to sow vegetables in wide and high built skyscrapers. The system is ideal for certain terraqueous inhospitable areas (Africa and others), because in these cases: 1) there would be saving of water, since it would be technically administered and recycled 2) Crops would be better protected against natural environmental aggressions 3) Crops would be better protected against plagues 4) Control of growth and storage of crops, would be better carried out. 5) It is a highly rational and coherent project, as long as we are in the beginnings to colonize near planets.6) Finally, consumers will eat fresh vegetables.


Dickson Despommier,
un professor de Salud Publica (Columbia University), ha propuesto sembrar vegetales en amplios y altos edificios construidos ex-profeso. El sistema se vé ideal para áreas inhóspitas terráqueas (Africa y otros), ya que en estos casos : 1) habria ahorro de agua, ya que esta seria técnicamente administrada y reciclada 2) estaria mejor protegida contra agresiones medioambientales naturales 3) las cosechas estarian mejor protegidas contra plagas 4) el control del crecimiento y almacenamiento de las cosechas, seria más preciso. 5) Se trata de un proyecto altamente racional y coherente, en tanto estamos en los albores de terraquizar planetas habitables, cercanos 6) Finalmente, se consumirán vegetales frescos..



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