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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Our perceptions are very constrained (nuestras percepciones son muy limitadas).

Everything indicates that the hypnosis, of essential activity of spiritualist and prattling, will soon happen to be thematic power station of scientific research, because the germinal experiments that in this heading make: Amir Raez (Neurologist of Columbia University) and Miguel Moeno, threaten to change our conception of this old technique. In effect, one is beginning to verify that the hypnosis, allows to change voluntarily, the stereotyped vision that each individual has of the natural and virtual world, allowing with this way the dominion of the mind over the body, by means of diverse liberating mechanisms of the cerebral censorship, although for it, it is necessary to aim and to modify directly to the high cerebral controls (discriminating end). Normally one see, smells, listen or, feels perceptions, that soon travel at a procedural cerebral level, finally to be located in discriminatives, cerebral elevated levels where at the same time that they are interpreted and stored, are established mechanisms of censorship for any perceptive activity settle down (recognition of writing for example). In hypnosis the mesmerizing man, bypass the first perceptive steps (to see, to smell,etc). He focus directly on the high cerebral levels where colors, flavors, etc., are constructed at a personal will taking past perceptive experiences as model. Then they are transmitted to the entire body without censorship. The censorship based on previous individual experiences, dictates in each individual the limits and essence of determined thing. That is to say that each individual has his very particular form (modifiable by the hypnosis), to see a flower.
In highly hipnotizables people, all censorship is eliminated, allowing the same ones to transgress whichever rule mind-body, exists, instantaneously. In the Test of Stroop (identification of colors, pressing bellboys. See Picture), those that take in pressing the bellboys are nonhipnotizables people (because they maintain effective, his mechanisms of censorship), in as much the fast pressing persons are highly hipnotizables. In order to be located and according to David Spiegel, psychiatrist of the U. of Stanford, 80% of children under 12 years are highly hipnotizables because they have not even structured censorship mechanisms and of nervous control of top-down. For that reason the terrorists quickly convince to children and adolescents. Of another side, single a 10-15% of adults are highly hipnotizables, in as much 1 of each 5 adults resists to the hypnosis.
Nuestras percepciones son muy particulares y restringidas
Todo indica que la hipnosis, de actividad esencial de espiritistas y charlatanes, pasará a ser temática central de la investigación cientifica, porque los experimentos germinales que en este rubro realizan : Amir Raez (Neurólogo Clinico de la U. de Columbia) y Miguel Moeno, amenazan cambiar nuestra concepción de esta antigua técnica. En efecto, se está empezando a comprobar que la hipnosis, permite cambiar a voluntad, la visión estereotipada que cada individuo tiene del mundo natural y virtual, permitiendo de esta forma el dominio de la mente sobe el cuerpo, mediante diversos mecanismos liberadores de la censura cerebral, aunque para ello, sea necesario apuntar y modificar directamente a los controles cerebrales mas altos (discriminadores finales). Normalmente uno vé, huele, escucha o, siente percepciones, que luego viajan mediante fibras nerviosas a un nivel procesal cerebral alto, para finalmente ubicarse en niveles discriminativos, cerebrales mas elevados donde al mismo tiempo que se interpretan y almacenan, se establecen mecanismos de censura para cualquier actividad perceptiva (reconocimiento de la escritura por ejemplo). En el caso de la hipnosis, se obvian los pasos iniciales (ver, oler,etc), el hipnotizador influye directamente sobre el nivel cerebral mas alto donde en base a experiencias previas, se construyen colores, sabores, sonidos,etc., a voluntad, para luego ser trasmitidos al soma sin censura. La censura cerebral (cuyo objetivo es proteger en su sentido mas amplio al individuo), basada en experiencias previas condiciona (moldea), en cada individuo los limites y esencia de cada objeto percibido. Cada individuo tendría entonces, su forma (modificable por la hipnosis), muy particular de ver una flor.

En personas altamente hipnotizables, toda censura es eliminada, permitiendo a las mismas transgredir cuanta regla mente–cuerpo, exista, instantáneamente. En el Test de Stroop (identificación de colores, presionando botones. Ver foto.), los que tardan en presionar los botones son personas no hipnotizables (porque mantienen vigentes sus mecanismos de censura), en tanto los presionantes rapidos son altamente hipnotizables. Para ubicarse y según David Spiegel, psiquiatra de la U. de Stanford, el 80% de los niños menores de 12 años son altamente hipnotizables porque aun no han estructurado mecanismos censura y de control nervioso, de arriba-abajo. Por eso los terroristas convencen rápidamente a niños y adolescentes. De otro lado, solo un 10-15% de adultos son altamente hipnotizables, en tanto 1 de cada 5 adultos resiste a la hipnosis.Leer mas:


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