Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gaia, is alive.

Interview of Eduard Punset to James Lovelock. Courtesy: Smartplanet/Youtube.

In paragraphs (Scientific Writings of JW von Goethe.Classics in Anthroposophy), of their extensive works - Johann W. von Goethe (1749-1832) - wrote topics related with the optics (theory of the colors) and geochemistry. The German sage, affirmed for then that the Earth was an alive organism able to breathe, cyclically. 2000 years before, some presocratic philosophers had affirmed the same thing, although without more repercussion. Until in 1970, James Ephraim Lovelock (1919 -) and the biologist/geneticist: Lynn Margulis (1938 -), after designating to the Earth with the name of Gaia, assumed it as an alive organism, able to develop physical-chemical-organic activities, self-sustainables. As all alive being, Gaia, serious able to shine healthy, as well as of to get sick and to die. For then, the concern of Lovelock and Margulis, was that the protector atmospheric cover (layer of ozone) that liberates us of a series of harmful radiations was being deteriorated when contacting of continuous with having undone industrial gaseous products (clorofluorocarbons: CFCs), at the same time that the Earth was dangerously reheated (greenhouse effect), for the emission, accumulation and continuous trapping of CO2, with the rising danger of elimination of the amazon forest for fires, thaw of most of glaciers, pouring of the thawed water to the seas and later floodings of world extensive coastal areas.

Now, Lovelock, has just published "The Revenge of Gaia. Why the Earth is fighting Back and how we can still save Humanity" - 2006 -a book, in which he give power to his idea of a massive promotion of nuclear energy, in substitution of the current one that prioritizes the employment of fossil energy. The nuclear energy, according to Lovelock, beeing relatively cheap, able to be endowed with meticulous systems of security and not to emit CO2 neither CFCs, constitutes the offer but generous to cure to our planet. In the face of the possibility of nuclear disasters as the one happened in Chernobyl or their possible use by terrorists, a defiant Lovelock affirms that the savage organic life settled down in Chernobyl, after the disaster (but lively than that of their surroundings), showed the capacity of the alive beings' adaptation, before this type of catastrophes. Apart from this, it would be necessary to ask to France (without gas, without petroleum, without coal, 54 nuclear power nuclear stations generating : 75% of their electricity), why she trusts in nuclear energy so much. At the moment, 450 nuclear power stations exist in the entire world and to cover 40% of the energy world necessities it would be needed to build 7200 nuclear power stations in the whole world - in about 120 years we say, something not utopian, by the way. In the face of the possibility of a nuclear hecatomb promoted by an III world war, Lovelock, responds that the Earth always will found the way of adapting to the radiations. (the energy is transforming, continuously) -. He adds that soon after the big bang, everything was radiation and that the life arose in spite of the fact that the Earth (million of years ago), didn't count with layers of ozone or, oxygen. Their declarations have originated that an important envirommentalist sector (before, totally to their favor), be today their but inflamed critical, because the nuclear power stations, according to them, also contaminate the Earth with CO2. Lovelock, has argued that the employment of solar, eolic and/or hydraulic energy, promoted by the envirommentalists, is insufficient to surround the energy necessities of a world population in continuous growth. The debate is going on. What is your opinion?

Gaia vive.

En acapites (Escritos cientificos de JW von Goethe.Clasicos en Antroposofia), de su extensa obra - Johann W. von Goethe (1749-1832)- escribió temas relacionados con la óptica (teoria de los colores) y geoquimica. El sabio aleman, afirmaba por entonces que la tierra era un organismo vivo capaz de respirar, ciclicamente. 2000 años antes, algunos filosofos presocráticos habian afirmado lo mismo, aunque sin mayor repercusion. Hasta que en 1970, James Ephraim Lovelock (1919-) y la biologa/genetista: Lynn Margulis (1938-), tras designar a la Tierra con el nombre de Gaia, la asumieron como un organismo vivo, capaz de desarrollar actividades fisico-quimico-organicas, autosostenibles. Como todo ser vivo, Gaia, seria capaz de lucir saludable, como tambien de enfermarse y morir. Por entonces, esa era precisamente, la preocupacion de Lovelock y Margulis, al argüir que la cubierta atmosferica protectora (capa de ozono), que nos libra de una serie de radiaciones dañinas estaba siendo deteriorada al contactar de continuo con deshechos gaseosos industriales (clorofluorocarbonados: CFCs), al mismo tiempo que la Tierra era peligrosamente recalentada (efecto invernadero), por la emision, acumulacion y atrapamiento continuo de CO2, con el consiguiente peligro de eliminacion de la selva amazonica por incendios, deshielo de la mayoria de glaciares, vertimiento del agua deshelada a los mares y posteriores inundaciones de extensas areas costeras mundiales.

Ahora, Lovelock, acaba de publicar “The Revenge of Gaia. Why the Earth is fighting Back and how we can still save Humanity”- Amazon.comUK. 2006- libro en el que repotencia su idea de una promoción masiva de la energia nuclear, en reemplazo de la actual que prioriza el empleo de energia fósil. La energia nuclear, según Lovelock, al ser relativamente barata, capaz de ser dotada de minuciosos sistemas de seguridad y no emitir CO2 ni CFCs, constituye la oferta mas generosa para curar a nuestro planeta. Ante la posibilidad de desastres nucleares como el ocurrido en Chernobyl o su posible uso por terroristas, un desafiante Lovelock afirma que la vida organica salvaje afincada en Chernobyl, despues del desastre (mas animada que la de sus alrededores), es una clara muestra de la capacidad de adaptacion de los seres vivos, ante este tipo de catastrofes. Por lo demás, habria que preguntarle a Francia (sin gas, sin petroleo, sin carbon, 54 centrales nucleares generadoras del 75% de su electricidad), porque confia tanto en la energia nuclear. Actualmente, existen 450 centrales nucleares en todo el mundo y para cubrir el 40% de las necesidades energeticas mundiales se necesitaria construir 7200 centrales nucleares en todo el orbe -en unos 120 años digamos, algo no utopico, por cierto. Ante la posibilidad de una hecatombe nuclear promovida por una III guerra mundial, Lovelock, responde que la Tierra siempre encontrara el modo de adaptarse a las radiaciones –(la energia se transforma, continuamente)-. Añade que poco despues del big bang, todo era radiación y que la vida surgió pese a que la Tierra no contaba hace millones de años, con capas de ozono u, oxigeno. Sus declaraciones han originado que un importante sector de medioambientalistas (antes, totalmente a su favor), sean hoy sus mas enconados criticos, porque las centrales nucleares –según ellos- tambien contaminan la Tierra con CO2. Lovelock, ha arguido que el empleo de energia solar, eolica y/o hidraulica, promovida por los medioambientalistas, es insuficiente para copar las necesidades energeticas de una poblacion mundial en continuo crecimiento. El debate continua.¿Que opina Usted?.

Gaia vive. Version en español. Audio. Por :Victor Mechan Mendez.


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