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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hobbit (Homo Floresiensis), science and religion.

The 2004, a group of scientists led by the anthropologist P. Brown et al (New hominid taxon. Nature. 431:1055-61), discovered in Flores/Indonesia' island, 7 very small individuals' remains. One of them, an almost complete skeleton of 1.06 m of height and 380 ml of cranial capacity, baptized with the name of Homo Floresiensis (95 000-12 000 years b. C.), was assumed by their discoverers like a new category of Hominids (predecessors of the genus Homo: 5,5 m - 3 million years b. C.) or, descending of migrations of Homo erectus (840 000 years b. C.), that possibly arrived to the island for marine pathways. These, placed in isolation state, with each time but descendants and notorious shortage of nutritious resources, they would have gone constituting little by little a new taxon with the described characteristics. Although in Flores' island there have also been fossils of animal species of reduced size, the real thing is that there are also other (lizards), of more size to the usual one. Although until recently it was conceived that alone individuals with 900 cm3 of cranial capacity were able to build sophisticated instruments of stone, the real thing is that H. Floresiensis managed the fire, manufactured miniblades, stone tools and possible possessed a guttural language.

Until recently, most scientists accepted H. Floresiensis like a hominid. However in the last number of PNAS : T. Jacob, E. Indriati, R.P. Soejeno et al, assures that the little man is an ancient variant of current H. sapiens sapiens, associated to anomalies of development and microcephaly, common finding in these cases. Anyway each time that someone discovered human ancestor’s remains they set fire on the debate between science and religion. For most anthropologists inside them,the well-known Desmond Morris, this mini-human (hobbit, as some call him for its likeness to little men imagined by Tolkien, JRR) this findings doesn't make but that to confirm - once more, the Darwin's Evolution Theory, according to which unicellular organisms evolved toward other pluricellulars, hominids and finally H. sapiens sapiens. According to Morris, these discoveries should have annihilated to most of religions, like it seems to happen now in certain areas of Europe. The facts, however, demonstrate the opposite:more science, more religion. According to some theologians it is because science doesn't respond fundamental questions: of where we come?,what we are?where we go?. Others argue that there is not contradiction between science and religion and that human being, is not simply to possess free will, rational thought and moral sense, but being bound to an universal conscience, synonym of God.
Versión en español :"Hobbit, ciencia y religión. Por Victor Mechan Mendez. Cortesia


Blogger TUMAY said...

Hola victor, q tal. Una pregunta: ¿ya no vas a poner en español los textos de tus articulos?. No sé si será mucho pedir, pero si pudieras hacerlo te lo agradecería. lo que pasa es que desde las computadoras de la pucp (que es donde tengo acceso a internet) no se pueden escuchar audios.
Pero si por cuestiones de tiempo no puedes, no te preocupes, igual seré uno de los lectores fieles a tu blog, jejej (y quizá me ayude a practicar mi inglés)

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Blogger victormechanmendez said...

Querido amigo.

1) te agradezco infinitamente la ayuda que me distes con los links. Ahora como verás, ya no ocupo mucho espacio, en mi blog.
2)En los dias siguientes, voy a continuar reemplazando los escritos, por los audios -tambien en español- que en forma gratuita me proporciona que hasta el 22 de este mes continuare con los audios.Estoy experimentando., me proporciona 60 minutos gratis (ya voy por 15´, de modo que me restan 45', lo que equivale a 9 audiciones). De ahi regresare a la escritura Ingles/Español. Entretanto estoy constatando que mi audiencia extranjera ha aumentado, de modo que esta es una aventura interesante.
3)En realidad deseo realizar introducciones tecnologicas a mi pagina, hacerla como un periodico e invitar a jovenes que tengan aficion por la ciencia a que escriban libremente, sobre temas que le interesen. Mi problema es que tengo que actualizarme en algunos aspectos basicos de la tecnologia.
Por ejemplo, ahora deseo introducir RRS (semejantes a los de El Comercio), y Tags (igualitos a los de Technorati). Si sabes como puedo pegarlos en mi HTML, me avisas,porque eso permite que te lean mas personas.Saludos amigo.El 22 regersamos con los escritos en español.

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Blogger victormechanmendez said...

Amigo Tumay: puse RRS, error es RSS(really simple syndication).saludos amigo

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Blogger TUMAY said...

Hola. gracias por lo de los escritos.
ah si, veo que ya estás poniendo los links abreviados.
sobre lo de RSS y Tags, no sé mucho, voy a ver que puedo investigar por google y te aviso.
saludos, hasta la proxima

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