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Monday, July 16, 2007


For the psychiatrist Samuel Dunkell, the body language associated to sleeping, can reveal intimacies of marriages. To sleep hugged and curled up with the man behind, with his genital tight against his wife's buttocks, provides maximum physical proximity, expressive of a happy couple. To sleep closely together is the usual thing during the first 3 - 5 years of the marriage. The opposite: to sleep with a lot of empty space between both, can mean matrimonial waste. A recent study reported in Health magazine found that 2 of each 10 young adults slept in separate beds, as long as 5 of each 10 couples, above the 65 years, made the same thing. Nevertheless other reasons exist to sleep in separate beds. Sergei Agarkov, boss of the Regional Public Movement for Support Sexual of Culture, says that for habit or preference reasons some people like to sleep turned up or tummy, while others constantly turns to one or another side and others ugly snore. Beside this, the near personal contacts force millions of microbes to migrate from a body to other, to support poor ventilations and to absorb increased levels of dioxide of carbon. The only beneficial thing among couples seems to be the exchange of heat. Finally to sleep in separate beds and join together in certain hours of the day or the week can be renovating and a powerful sexual energyzer. It is that to sleep together daily can dilute the love because this way the mystery is vanished. By the way it is difficult that young couples sleep separately because the strong existent sex desire. To sleep in separate beds seems to work better in older adults. Nevertheless strong unions will always sleep in the same bed until advanced ages.



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