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Monday, December 24, 2007

Mind Upload

A series of combined works of the Federal Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne (SFIT) and the IBM (Blue Project/2005), constitute today, the first step toward the construction of virtual neocortexs of rats. First step, also toward the jewel of transhumanists: building of immortal humans, with hypothetical transplanted brains again and again (mind uploading), to artificial substrata (robots, cyborgs, supercomputers), to cloned human bodies or, in vegetable state. I) The first theoretical approaches toward this goal involved the employment of image magnetoencephalography of multiple cerebral slices, subjected to freezing (cryonic). The scanned slices to high resolution and nanoscale, then would be transferred to a computer, for finally to be reconstructed and interpreted by diverse softwares (Neuron, Genesis), full of algorithms. II) An alternate method non invasive, was the substitution of neurons, one for one, while the individual was conscious ("cyboring"). When the brain recovered the conscience, it validated if its subjective experience remained or not, intact. III) In the last years we assist to the s passing from theory to the reality. Anders Sandberg (Future of Humanity Institute. University of Oxford), works models of extensive nets of cortical neurons, with the help of a cortical software, that represents the brain of a rat: 55 million neurons, 442 billions of sinapsis.

From June, 2005, the SFIT and IBM, work in another project that tried to simulate totally to the human brain, mapping the entirety of its electric circuits, in order to solve cognitive aspects and bad neuronal function. Lead these efforts: Henry Markram (44), expert in brain electrophysiology, who says that the first goal of Blue Project, is transfer to the computer: a single neocortical column (2 mm long, 1 mm of diameter, 10 000 neurons, 30 billions of synapsis), of the brain of a rat of 2 months, similar to the human one, although but small and from there to embrace the entirety of the human brain. The neocortical columns (brain microcircuits), repeated millions of times in the neocortex, are interconnected among them, anatomical and functionally. Markram says that neocortex microcircuits, are the essence of neocortex computation, for which reason, obtain appropriate models of them, is fundamental. In November, 2007, Blue Project, assured to have built the first neocortex column, with entirely biological data. If, the mind uploading is successful, human immortality will make sense, validating ideas of transhumanists, raelians and of scientific as R Kurzwail, H Moravec and M Minsky, this last announcing mind uploadings, in people near to his deaths.




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Tal vez sea posible pero en un largo plazo , creo que falta desarrollar muchos otros aspectos de la ciencias para que ello ocurra.

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