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Monday, August 24, 2009


Abstract from New Scientist.
Eccerobot, is a multinational project which aims to make that their robots work in human way. The plastic bones copies of humans, are moved by special wires that look like tendons, while bungee cords simulate muscle movements. After the perfection of the first robots it is expected to interact with the environment in a more humane way. We want to build a "robot anthropomimetic“ acting as a human, says Owen Holland of the University of Sussex/UK, adding that later they will seek to endow their robots of some kind of human artificial intelligence.


Eccerobot, es un proyecto multinacional que pretende que sus robots funcionen al modo humano. Los huesos plásticos copias de los humanos, se mueven mediante hilos especiales que semejan tendones, mientras cuerdas elásticas simulan movimientos musculares. Tras la perfección de los primeros robots se espera interactuar con el medio ambiente de manera más humana. Deseamos construir un 'anthropomimetic robot' que actúe como humano, dice Owen Holland de la University of Sussex/UK, agregando que más adelante tratarán de dotar a sus robots de cierto tipo inteligencia artificial semejante a la humana.



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