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Monday, December 07, 2009


According to calculations carried out by the expert in energy Govindasamy Agoramoorthy published in Humane Ecology, 70% of inhabitants from rural India uses kerosene lamps that produce chronic bronchitis and inflammations. Now exists the possibility that millions of hindues will use sure solar lanterns, supplied in stations (up to 50 per time), provided of solar panels in their roofs, administered by the oldest man in the village, generating light by means of light diodes. But, a small problem exist, the kerosene is but cheap. 1 liter of kerosene costs 9 rupees providing light for an entire week.

Supported by the Institute for Resources and Energy (Teri), the Hindu government could acquire 200 million solar lanterns. To reduce the costs they plans to rent the lamps to 3-6 rupees a day. Some could acquire solar lamps with incorporated solar panels from the Californian company D. Light Design that offers them to 10 dollars. The India has annually 300 days of full sun. Complementarily, the Hindu state seeks to build solar towers to generate electricity to great scale :20 Gigawatts.

Segun calculos realizados por el experto en energía Govindasamy Agoramoorthy publicados en Human Ecology el 70 % de habitantes de la India rural emplea lámparas de kerosene que producen bronquitis crónica e inflamaciones. Ahora existe la posibilidad de que millones de hindúes empleen seguras lamparas solares, abastecidas en estaciones (hasta 50 por vez), provistas de paneles solares en sus techos, administradas por un geronte del villorio generando luz mediante diodos emisores de luz. Empero, existe un pequeño problema, el kerosene es mas barato. 1 litro de kerosene cuesta 9 rupias proporcionando luz para toda una semana.
Apoyado por el Institute for Resources and Energy (Teri), el gobierno hindu podría adquirir 200 millones de lámparas solares. Para abaratar los costos se planea alquilar las lámparas a razón de 3-6 rupias al dia. Los que puedan podrían adquirir lámparas solares con paneles solares incorporados de la compañía D. Light Design de California que los ofrece a 10 dolares. La India tiene 300 dias de sol anualmente. Complementariamente el estado hindu pretende construir torres solares para generar electricidad a gran escala :20 Gigawatts.



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