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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A genetic, anthropological and tomographic analysis of 17 Egyptian mummies, including that of Tutankhamun, performed by a multinational group of researchers found that Tutankhamun that ascended the throne at age 9 and died at 19, likely died of malaria infested by Plasmodium falciparum (genetic traces of the parasite was identified and also substances to combat it in his grave). The analysis of weak and fragile bones coupled to the discovery of a cane suggest that he suffered from degenerative disease of Kohler II, non-fatal disorder that conditioned the fracture of one of his femurs (avascular bone necrosis), further complicated by fat embolism. The detailed analysis of their CT scans determined that he was not murdered. On the other hand, the analysis of 16 royal mummies helped the researchers to determine the pedigree of 5 generations of royal families kept in power from 1550 to 1295 BC. It was also determined that the father of Tutankhamun was Akhenaten or his successor Smenkhkare and that his mother was Kiya, a secondary wife of Akhenaten.


Trás realizar análisis genéticos, antropológicos, tomográficos y radiológicos a 17 momias egipcias incluyendo la de Tutankamon, un grupo multinacional de investigadores descubrió que Tutankamon que ascendió al trono a los 9 años y murió a los 19, posiblemente falleció de malaria infestado por Plasmodium falciparum (se identificaron trazas genéticas del parásito y tambien medicinas destinadas a combatirlo, en su tumba). El análisis de sus débiles y frágiles huesos aunados al hallazgo de un bastón sugieren que padecía de enfermedad degenerativa de Kohler II, desorden no fatal que condicionó la fractura de uno de sus fémures (necrosis ósea avascular), complicada ulteriormente por un embolismo graso. El análisis detallado de sus CT scans determinó que no fué asesinado. De otro lado, el análisis de 16 momias reales ha contribuído a determinar la genealogía de 5 generaciones de familias reales mantenidas en el poder desde 1550 a 1295 años a.C. Se ha determinado asimismo, que el padre de Tutankamon fué Akhenaten o su successor Smenkhkare y que su madre fué Kiya, una esposa secundaria de Akhenaten.



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