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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


According to the evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa (London School of Economics and Political Science), people but intelligent (liberal), always makes new things. At least that is what Kanazawa has extracted of a long national american survey. For general rule, the conservatives and religious have lower IQs. Intelligent people defend and represents new social, political and religious values. The old values are characteristic of conservatives. Liberalism, atheism and male sexual exclusivity are associated to higher IQs. The adoption of new ideas, seems to have mobilized the species forward. According to Kanazawa the religion when inserting paranoid ideas among their followers help them to defend preventively in the life. As you see there are advantages for the liberal except that they go for the life with less money than conservatives.

Segun el psicologo evolutivo Satoshi Kanazawa (London School of Economics and Political Science), la gente mas inteligente (liberales), es la que siempre hace cosas nuevas. Al menos eso es lo que Kanazawa ha extraido de una larga encuesta nacional americana. Por regla general, los conservadores y religiosos tienen IQs mas bajos. La gente inteligente defiende y representa valores sociales, políticos y religiosos nuevos. Los valores antiguos son propios de conservadores. Liberalismo, ateismo y exclusividad sexual masculina estan asociados a IQs mas elevados. La adopcion de nuevas ideas, parece haber movilizado a las especies hacia adelante. Según Kanazawa la religion al insertar ideas paranoides entre sus adeptos los ayuda a defenderse preventivamente en la vida. Como se ve algunas ventajas para los liberales, excepto que van por la vida con menos dinero que los conservadores.



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