Thursday, February 03, 2011


The spacecraft Kepler (NASA's Kepler mission), under command of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), has found 6 possible planets with circular orbits around the star Kepler-11 (like the sun), of which at least one planet is located in an habitable zone (carrying liquid water on its surface). While checking if they are planets, the number of potential candidates identified by the Kepler spacecraft amounts to 1.235. Of these 68 are the size of earth, 288 are super-earth-size (twice the size of earth); 662 of the size of Neptune, 165 Jupiter-sized and 19 larger than Jupiter. William Borucki of NASA's Ames Research says that to date there are 54 earth-like planets located in habitable zones, some with moons of liquid water. The observations were made in 2009 to over 156.000 stars (1/400 parts of the sky), suggesting the existence of countless planets orbiting stars similar to ours alone in our galaxy.

La sonda espacial Kepler (NASA's Kepler misión), al comando del Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), ha descubierto 6 posibles planetas con orbitas circulares alrededor de la estrella Kepler-11, semejante al sol, de los que al menos un planeta se ubica en zona habitable (portando agua liquida en su superficie). Mientras se verifica sin son planetas, el numero de posibles planetas identificados por la sonda Kepler asciende a 1,235. De estos 68 son del tamaño de la tierra, 288 son super-tierras (doble del tamaño de la tierra); 662 del tamaño de Neptuno, 165 del tamaño de Jupiter y 19 mas grandes que Jupiter. William Borucki del NASA's Ames Research dice que a la fecha existen 54 planetas semejantes a la tierra ubicados en zonas habitables, algunos con lunas de agua liquida. Las observaciones fueron realizadas el 2009 a mas de 156,000 estrellas (1/400 partes del cielo), sugiriendo la existencia de incontables planetas orbitando estrellas semejantes al nuestro, solo en nuestra galaxia.

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